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  • Royal Gramma

    The Royal Gramma Basslet brings an explosion of color to any saltwater aquarium. It has a bright purple to violet colored anterior contrasted by a vibrant yellow posterior. Coveted for...
  • Royal Dottyback

    The Bicolor Dottyback, also called the Bicolor Pseudochromis or Royal Dottyback, is two bold colors; the anterior portion is purple and the posterior portion is bright yellow. A 120 litre...
  • Strawberry Grouper

    Other Common NamesPurple Pseudochromis, Magenta Dottyback, Purple Dottyback, Pictichromis porphyrea DescriptionCommonly mistaken for the Orchid Dottyback, the Strawberry Dottyback lacks the black stripe across the eye and dark purple fins....
  • Purple Dottyback

    The Purple Dottyback or Pseudochromis porphyreus is a striking saltwater fish that is often used as an accent fish in a saltwater aquarium. Also known as the Magenta Dottyback, and...
  • Splendid Dottyback

    The Splendid Dottyback, also known as the Splendid Pseudochromis, has a blue body covered with white to light yellow spotting. It also has a yellow tail and a yellow mark...
  • Purple Stripe Dottyback Diadema

    The Purple Stripe Dottyback, also known as Diadem Dottyback or Diadem Pseudochromis, is primarily yellow with a purple stripe running the length of the body along the dorsal fin. A...
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