Powder Blue Tang Acanthurus Leucosternon


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The Powder Blue Tang is sought after by most saltwater aquarium keepers due to it's remarkable colors The Powder Blue Tang (PBT) is a true beauty From the yellow dorsal fin to its dark colored face and powder blue body, this fish is something to behold Be prepared to spend some serious jack on this fish though

As well as being beautiful, they are also quite finicky and can be very difficult to keep for even the advanced saltwater aquarium keepers

They are notorious for getting ich (cryptocaryon) and velvet usually due to the fact that they don't transport well Inspect them closely for any signs of ich or velvet and make sure they are actively swimming.


The may be finicky when it comes to food and you'll want to provide plenty of algae grazing opportunities and also supplement their diet with dried algae using a veggie clip

Leave the dried seaweed in the tank for prolonged periods when they are first introduced They might accept flakes and pellets and should go after frozen and live foods We feel that live rock is absolutely needed when keeping this fish because they like to pick at algae on a nearly continuous basis during the daytime hours

It may also be a good idea to let some algae grow on one of the side panels of the tank, just in case

In the Aquarium

Like all Tangs, the Powder Blue Tang needs highly oxygenated water You can achieve this using multiple power heads

Watch the tank temperature though and remove a powerhead if the aquarium water temperature gets too high They will also appreciate high water flow throughout the aquarium and they need a large tank to allow for large swimming lanes They are quite fast swimmers

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Scientific NameAcanthurus Leucosternon


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