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Trochus Snails are a hardy and easy to care for snail They have a shell that looks like a pyramid or top These shells come in various color such as tan, brown, grey and red, depending on the species However, the most common species has a light gray or tan shell with maroon stripes or bands across it

When buying these snails, please take caution that you are not buying species from the temperate ocean to put it into your tropical tank.

The Trochus snail is a beautiful and beneficial creatures for the tank and should be added into your saltwater reef aquarium as part of your tank's cleaning crew It voracious appetite for micro algae and diatoms will help to control excessive algae growth in the tank It will also help to clean the wall of the tank's surface or other rocky surface of film algae by slowly grazing the algae on the surfaces

When keeping these snails, ensure that you have sufficient live rocks and crevices in your saltwater reef aquarium to provide sufficient space and food for them to roam around and feed.

Trochus Snail is also a good community creature that will seldom cause any problem to the other inhabitants They can tolerate wide range of lighting condition and water movement but are very sensitive to the changes in water chemical parameters As with all snails and invertebrates, the presence of copper in the tank is harmful to them

Also, when introduce these snails into your tank, ensure that you do the acclimatization process very slowly, preferably using the drip method spread over five to ten hours period so that they can adjust to the changes in the water salinity This will ensure a higher survival rate in the new tank Also for their long term health, ensure that your tank calcium level is maintained at 350-450 parts per million as their shells will continue to grow.

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Scientific NameTrochus sp

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