Helfrichi Firefish Goby Nemateleotris helfrichi


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The Helfrichi firefish is a great addition as it adds great colour and movement to the display The bright purple colour of the fish glitters under all type of light and is a fish that will not disappoint if added.


A tank of atleat 50L would be recommend but as large as possible would be best The number one key to have one of these fish thrive in the aquarium is to have a closed top on the aquarium, preferably mesh netting This fish loves to jumps so this is require if you want to keep it in your tank

This fish may be aggressive to others of the same species, but is non-aggressive to other fish As this is a small fish it would not be advised putting it with really aggressive or big mouthed fish like groupers and lionfish.


The Helfrichi firefish will readable eat most food like sinking pellets and brine shrimp The brine shrimp works really well as this fish is slow at getting to the food and it can easily float in the water near a cave where it may be.

Other Info

This fish needs caves or overhangs in the rock work where it can hide when threatened. The number one rule with this fish is to have something covering the top of the tank.

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Scientific NameNemateleotris helfrichi


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